“Amazing design skills give powerful boost to commercial development & management operations
Interior Motives can make a tremendous difference. I want our units to lease. The sooner, the better. Their experience in both design and interior architecture works wonders for us. Interior Motives is creative and sensitive to the competitive marketplace. Their projects are completed promptly and on-budget, producing beautiful results.

As a developer of high-end apartments, we work in partnership with members of our interior design consulting team to create an atmosphere that best fits our specific markets. We depend on Interior Motives to fulfill all of our interior design goals.
Dan K. Shaw, President, Realty Management, Inc.

“Just what we wanted
Alice has an excellent understanding of construction, which was a very important quality when selecting the best materials for specific locations in our home. Her ability to put carpet, wallpaper, tile, and wall colors together to present an elegant look is one of her finest design qualities. What a delight to have a designer who worked carefully with us to achieve the precise ambiance we wanted for our new home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jed Olsen Las Vegas, NV

“Customer satisfaction a primary goal”
Through the entire design process, we found Alice to be thoughtful and respectful of our ideas and concerns, listening carefully before offering suggestions. Alice is an excellent communicator and is dependable in following through on her plans. The Interior Motives designers show extraordinary creativity and a strong knowledge of products, fabrics and services, and their customer service skills are unmatched.
Tom and Kathy War Las Vegas, NV

“Style, flair, integrity”
Alice Roussos is a woman with great style and design flair. She is also a business operator with integrity; working hard to become one of our areas most trusted and reliable sources for interior design services.

Interior Motives design team has unlimited creativity, innovative designs, and unsurpassed attention to detail. I really appreciate their ability and willingness to listen and observe what is important to their client.
Renee and Eric Mitchell Las Vegas, NV

“Tell your friends!”
I have known Alice for ten years and over that time she has transformed my house into a very comfortable, yet understated home. I look forward to finding her new projects and hope that her talents will be put to good use again when I move. I would not hesitate in recommending her to my friends. Alice and the Interior Motives designers are professional, creative, and accurate.
James D. Hagen Las Vegas, NV

“High recomendation”
I was delighted with the work that Alice did for my Las Vegas property. She works efficiently, comes at the appointed time and is readily available to answer any questions and concerns. She keeps to her price quotation, and the job she does is excellent. “I highly recommend Interior Motives”.
Tom Kelly Las Vegas, NV